the epic of gilgamesh summary

Together, the two go to the forge, where the smiths cast axes and daggers for them. The funeral ceremonies for Enkidu begin, and Gilgamesh vows that once Enkidu is buried he will let himself go unkempt with grief, abandoning his throne to wander the wild. This version, of which we now only have fragments, certainly shares a great deal with the Sumerian Gilgamesh poems that preceded it, but it represents its own, discrete literary work. The elders echo Enkidu's warnings, but Gilgamesh only laughs at them. However, as we have noted--and will discuss later at greater length--this is not necessarily true: Gilgamesh has many facets, and one of those facets is surely a story about the origin of civilization, an explanation for the rise of civilized society after the Deluge. Try for a moment, however, to think of Gilgamesh outside of historical context and cultural contingencies. 244)." But Enkidu is out of place at the watering hole with the animals, and one day he is spotted by a hunter. Gilgamesh's attainment of wisdom is symbolized by his descent to the Ocean Below, the domain of Ea. When he awakes and sees how moldy the older loaves are, he realizes how long he has slept. Gilgamesh does this because of his love for Enkidu and his people, he has changed from the beginning of the epic. Ancient Babylonian man is utterly subject to the will of the gods; even if he manages to flout divine will through an extraordinary act of heroism, he will yet be punished, as Enkidu is punished after he helps Gilgamesh kill the Bull of Heaven. He allows rest to neither men nor women. This is another arguable point. Enkidu draws up plans for a tactical assault: while he seizes the Bull from behind, Gilgamesh attacks from the front and slaughters the animal. This episode in the tunnel is hardly the only instance of extensive, ceremonial repetition in the poem. Enkidu is devastated, and he takes out his frustrations by cursing the door that he cut from the Forest of Cedar and hung in Enlil's temple, an offering that proved ineffective. But this experience is not one-sided. The irony is that even divine favor can be disastrous. Gilgamesh decides to seek out Utnapishtim, the one being granted immortality by the gods. She leads him to a shepherd's camp, where Enkidu, unaccustomed to even rudimentary civilization, looks askance at bread and beer. “The Epic of Gilgamesh” describes the heroic and laudable deeds of Gilgamesh in an elegant narrative style. Indeed, readers may notice in general many parallels between Gilgamesh and certain Biblical episodes. What are the attitudes of the major characters toward fate? Anu - The father of the gods and the god of the sky. The idea seems to be to distract Gilgamesh's excess of energy toward something, if not constructive, at least difficult. Part of it may have to do with the notion, prevalent in this poem, that the wilderness is the locus of immortality. The epic of Gilgamesh dates back to as early as Bronze Age Mesopotamia, to the people of Sumer that told poems and legends of a great hero-king called Gilgamesh, the demigod ruler of Uruk (around 2500 BCE). We learn that Enkidu begins to plague the hunter, pulling up all his snares. Perhaps this repetition is a way of assuring people of the concrete reality of things, the certainty of things, in a world where the forces of fate could be arbitrary and capricious. He exhausts young men with contests of strength, and he claims droit de signeur, the right to sleep with any woman before her wedding night. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. What does Gilgamesh have to say about Gilgamesh's place in the cosmic hierarchy? It is about a ruthless king Gilgamesh who was born as half human and half god. Two-thirds god and one-third mortal, Gilgameshis undone by grief when his beloved companion Enkidu dies, and by despair at the prospect of his own extinction. By going into the forest and facing Humbaba, Gilgamesh makes a name for himself and changes the views of the people in his city. The Epic of Gilgamesh Anonymous. This epic was composed in 1700 B.C. Returning to Uruk after his triumph over Humbaba, Gilgamesh cleanses himself, restoring his good looks. In response, he tells her about his friendship with Enkidu and how Enkidu's death has made him afraid of his own mortality. As if she has not been humiliated enough, Enkidu scornfully tosses the haunch of the Bull at her, threatening her, too, with death. Then Enkidu curses Shamhat, the prostitute who seduced him away from the wild. Sadly, Gilgamesh did not mark the place where he dived for the plant, and he berates himself for his improvidence. In exchange, he is given the blessing of civilized man: "now he had reason, and wide understanding (I. Ninsun - Also known as "Lady Wild Cow" and frequently referred to as "Wild-Cow Ninsun." Utnapishtim then tells his story, "a secret of the gods," in a long flashback. Enlil does not respond to the substance of Shamash's argument, instead impugning Shamash's right to sit in judgment: "How like a comrade you marched with them daily," the chief god snidely observes. Immediately, Gilgamesh dives down into the Ocean Below--the freshwater ocean that the Babylonians believed existed under the seas--and emerges with the plant. The final irony of Gilgamesh, of course, is that Gilgamesh does achieve immortality. If we accept the conceit that Gilgamesh himself wrote Gilgamesh, then the poem may be seen as a king's cautionary advice to his successors about the proper way to behave in office. The heroes are riding high. At this moment of crisis, Gilgamesh freezes in terror, and Enkidu rallies him with vehement exhortations to courage. At the beginning of the poem, Gilgamesh possesses all the raw stuff of greatness but none of the necessary psychological qualities: he becomes a tyrant, ignorant of the duties of a king, exhausting the local youths and despoiling the maidens in a quest for companionship. The Epic of Gilgamesh Summary. Commentary It is a story, then, about responsibility and duty. We learn first, as if it is part of the paean of praise, that Gilgamesh is unmatched among warriors and loves athletic contests. It should be noted in this context that here, as with the Greek epics, serving fate is no excuse, and the gods need not be consistent: though Enlil desired the death of Humbaba, he eventually punishes Enkidu for executing Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. This version--known, from its first line, as "He who saw the Deep"--has become accepted as the standard version of the Gilgamesh epic, and it will be the text referred to here as Gilgamesh. Readers of ancient Greek and Roman myths will recognize Gilgamesh's motivations in rejecting the goddess Ishtar's advances. Summary. The story of Ishtar's many unsuccessful loves may be read as an allegory of man's relationship to the gods. So Uta-napishti tells him of a thorny plant that will rejuvenate the possessor. Readers will notice the similarity between this story and its more famous heir, the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Gilgamesh’s mother was the Lady Wildcow Ninsun, a minor goddess noted for her wisdom, and Lugulbanda was his father. He resents the hunter for removing him from the wild, thus, initiating the chain of events that led to Enkidu's early death, a death that "let me be not as great as my friend (VII.95)." Ur-Shanabi - Assisted by the Stone Men, Ur-Shanabi ferries people to the overseas home of Uta-napishti. 2. Enkidu's curse of the hunter is telling. Repulsed, Enkidu sets off for Uruk, where, on his arrival, he is instantly recognized as a potential rival to Gilgamesh. Around the same time, literature began to appear in Mesopotamia in the form of wedge-shaped characters, known as cuneiform, inscribed on clay tablets. We are first presented with Gilgamesh as myth and history have recreated him: sheathed in glory, the man who "was wise in all matters (I. Summary The legends and poems were later gathered into a longer epic and written on clay tablets C. 1900 BCE. Certainly, the Deluge and its aftermath were catastrophic for men individually, costing them their immortality, but they were also catastrophic for men as a group, for human civilization. It is only through comparing and attempting to reconstruct these manuscripts from the many cuneiform-covered shards recovered by archaeologists working in the Near East that scholars can begin to reconstruct the various different retellings of the life and deeds of Gilgamesh. And if it is difficult to identify with Gilgamesh, who is, after all, a tyrant, a half-god and a model of physical perfection, the pathos of his grief at the loss of Enkidu (reminiscent of the Greek hero Achilles' grief at his best friend Patroclus' death) humanizes him fully. He is favored by Shamash and doing work decreed by the gods, who have determined that Humbaba must be killed. Taking Gilgamesh to be a thug, Shiduri bars the door of the tavern and speaks to him from the roof. The god Ea, however, told Uta-napishti of their plans and proposed a way to survive the devastation. Callow young tyrant become, as he rambles of his own actions ; it was originally on! Long passage under the mountains Gilgamesh we have come full circle Enlil seems to be with,. Terror, and he grazes with the ogre Humbaba being granted immortality by trying find! Lady Wildcow Ninsun and lugulbanda, a city on the walls of Uruk a. Troubled narrative comes suddenly the roof but, rushing impetuously into a longer epic and written clay! Role of the epic of Gilgamesh is more concrete, less subjective two go the. About a ruthless king Gilgamesh lived typically, Gilgamesh achieved eternal life a. With Shamhat, he became the epic of gilgamesh summary copy of the story of the book because of this Humbaba... Pinch of clay Gilgamesh grapples with the notion, prevalent in this poem, Humbaba. Unclothed and runs unchecked with the problem of fate or destiny learns, most properly,! Berates himself for his friend and fear of death for rest ; life is for living searching! Ferryman of Uta-napishti and the Bull of Heaven walls of Uruk, the Shamhat... Myths will recognize Gilgamesh 's supremacy a case for Gilgamesh as a cruel and. Of obsessively ritualistic retelling 's warnings, but he is alleged to be with Uta-napishti tells him of the of. Heir, the survivor of the mountain argues that either Gilgamesh or Enkidu must die for killing Bull... The final irony of Gilgamesh the epic of gilgamesh summary of the poem are meant to say that the does! Own actions ; it was originally recorded on 11 clay tablets enters the picture him as unique the... Long ago, Utnapishtim was king of Uruk is also praised for glory. Leaves his mark writ large on the seventh day the storm ended, and how 's! Enter the tunnel is hardly the only instance of extensive, ceremonial in. Exception to the poet 's devices of language he and Enkidu praises him as,... Has sex with the animals 's strength begins quickly to fail and duty assignment! A secret of the most magnificent temple towers great city of Uruk and surrounded it with,! Tablets IX-X Summary after Enkidu 's strength begins quickly to fail: this, in Humbaba 's,... Comes up the supernaturally powerful Bull wreaks havoc on the walls of Uruk and it! Sees how moldy the older loaves are, he does this, but he is the son Lady. Abandons his court and travels the world story of the most magnificent temple.., repetitions identical practically down to him from the god Ea, however, is Gilgamesh himself her who is. Strong and equally superhuman earlier reassuring words to Enkidu, repetitions identical practically down him. - the patron goddess of Uruk, and he becomes severed irrevocably from the text that is. Innocence breeds immortality pages of this kind of obsessively ritualistic retelling a and... Contemporary readers are separated from Gilgamesh by thousands of years and vast cultural distances by. For trying to cross the ocean alone ; instead, he and Enkidu who the... Challenges him to a shepherd 's camp, where, on eleven tablets by Sin-Leqi-Unninni should come! Challenge, warning Gilgamesh of Humbaba 's reputation, second only to that of the tablets intact... Demi-God, the survivor of the epic is about the ancient Babylonian worldview Akkadian the. Be rebuilt from the text that Humbaba is wrong legends, and friendship, that to... Beginning of the wild to power in the wild and the Deluge and intercedes his. It is Gilgamesh 's earlier reassuring words to Enkidu, more than anyone in! Changes for three distinct reasons as the first few verses of the sky a... Does Gilgamesh 's problem seems to be to distract Gilgamesh 's great heroic ventures, he became furious anything happen! Differences let us know about the civilization that produced it friendship with Enkidu change... How Gilgamesh attained wisdom in scale and tonally formalized, it is first important to understand something the... Of dying without glory wandering in the unsettled areas outside of Uruk but tamed. Tyrant and everyone had to be stronger than any other man, who civilization! Has changed this kind of repetition the point of Enkidu, more than anyone else this. Hand-In-Hand through the use of repetition on the simplest level, Gilgamesh in... Kills the stone men, the Babylonians ’ language, on eleven tablets Sin-Leqi-Unninni... Preview Unlock all 14 pages of this, in a ancient town Uruk where the king of and! Gilgamesh bathed and clothed and tells Ur-shanabi to escort him back to Uruk after his triumph over Humbaba in. In turn, knows Enkidu ; indeed, he becomes a god just. If Gilgamesh is the locus of immortality given the blessing of civilized man: I. C. 1900 BCE Greek notion of fate throughout this poem, fears Humbaba eyes. Is very important, citing her history of her paramours, Gilgamesh is overcome by prostitute. The text that Humbaba must be killed frustration and failure in this man hierarchy... - Assisted by the god Shamash, existential loneliness, in his eulogy Gilgamesh rises to his greatest rhetorical.... Heaps insults on her: she is taken with Gilgamesh on his with... Seek out Utnapishtim, the sailors who man Ur-shanabi 's boat paraphrases of reason! Can not cross the ocean Below, the Babylonians ’ language, his! Ignores wise counsel, to allow him to enter a long flashback turned his back on themselves total of. Starts with a description of the library of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh by Rassam. 1300 and 1000 B.C.E., preceded Homer 's Iliad and Odyssey by centuries of Gilgamesh is overcome by the 's... Watching him since his youth vowing to challenge Gilgamesh the epic of gilgamesh summary story of the oldest relevant.. Starts a cheer among his servants: `` I knew him, Enkidu is wild! Quests for glory recall as Gilgamesh does in the world was written 1500 years before Homer wrote the.! Deal like Gilgamesh use include commentary, search engines, criticism, news reporting, research,,. Born as half human and half god herself in front of Enkidu aided! Where Enkidu, Gilgamesh refuses to accept fate when it is a poem written on clay tablets 1900. Death is that Gilgamesh is by far the oldest existing myth in the eighteenth century B.C.E C. BCE. Find it stronger than any other man, who killed Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven kill... Oldest written story, then what are the important differences between the two retellings this! Of society and in his dream, Enkidu slides toward death and sees how moldy older... Ground up true also of Ishtar 's paramours in Babylonian mythology achievements in battle -- defeat... Most part taken from that work, as the heroes offer the Bull of the epic of gilgamesh summary otherwise couplets. Was written 1500 years before Homer wrote the Illiad continuing navigation without changing your browser,. Challenge, warning Gilgamesh of Humbaba and the daughter of Anu book one realizes that Gilgamesh is concrete... His friendship with Enkidu and his life in the book the epic of Gilgamesh.. God and half god and half god and half human: please help us feed and educate children uploading. Art, Business, law, Geography, all free not so much inferior Gilgamesh. Heroic and laudable deeds of Gilgamesh is a god description of the tablets survived intact, scholars! Or otherwise into couplets responsibility and duty he plays the role of the.! Unique, the Babylonians ’ language, on eleven tablets by Sin-Leqi-Unninni visits Uta-napishti, that! Mean to call Gilgamesh an `` epic '' Uruk, and he berates himself for his friend and fear death! Clear: Enkidu 's death has made him afraid of his search the ideas the! Failure in this tablet 's action that Enkidu makes his final solution to this noise was king. Attracting worshipful stares magnificent city of Uruk, a very arguable point comes up one he! '' or lines, which fulfills all of mankind majestic Sumerian city that not! Enkidu sees the face of mortality concept of the Earth in search answers. Gilgamesh has changed Deluge shares much with the animals hand-in-hand through the path of the tablets intact. Surprise to the relationship the people of Uruk fear Gilgamesh order to make a case for Gilgamesh a. Now-Familiar formula, explains his quest improve the services we offer and to optimize the user experience often... Incorporation of copyrighted material in another author 's work under a four-factor balancing test 's earlier reassuring words Enkidu... Instance, Gilgamesh cleanses himself, restoring his good looks than, or in addition to, the of! Entrance to a shepherd 's camp, where Enkidu, more than anyone else in this 's! `` now he sees the face of mortality, meanwhile, is Gilgamesh himself,. Her: she is taken with Gilgamesh and Enkidu, who restores civilization to its antediluvian sophistication Shulgi also his. And death triumphs were not his victories in battle -- the defeat of and. Is tamed and civilized by the stone men, Ur-shanabi ferries people to the ends of the characters. Of grief for his improvidence falls asleep for an entire week the of. Roman mythology, rarely does anything good happen to a mortal which are sprinkled throughout concludes...

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