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You were gone, and you left me behind.”. ➤ Birthday Wish - @darthulios - Genre: fluff. Unfortunately, hope is not a plan of action. Most times they kiss. So why mother a stranger’s son? “Uh so there’s thing younger boy who told me the cheesiest pickup line and usually I hate cheesy things but when he did it I didn’t hate it and-“. Like something biblical; a pox on the house of whatever tries to keep them apart. minho never really considered himself to be someone who got stressed easily or frequently. “Ji, I’m sorry.”. Entra la rtlc7 la treinta. “Okay.” Minho reached over and gently placed a hand in his arm. Ninguna Categoria DOCV completo - Diari Oficial de la Comunitat Valenciana Woojin placed his guitar down and gave Minho his full attention, “yeah what’s wrong?”. All the information about each text is taken directly from the post, written by the original author. note: THESE ARE ALL NSFW works! and boy oh boy can she write! he never liked leaving him, even if it was just for a few short hours. I don’t mind spending time searching on author-published pages and … I admire her enormously. For once, Jisung couldn’t think of anything smart to say fast enough, so he decided that glaring and turning back around was a good enough response. Any trace of humor was instantly wiped from his face as Minho shoved his hands in his pockets. you guys know i’m obsessed with immersive storytelling and eiko definitely takes the cake with emotions, word choice, concepts, etc. The emotions she manages to convey through her writing are very strong and make me go through all stages. Sometimes they sit on it together, and look at the stars. Despite wanting to be alone, he just happens to run into someone… familiar. Language: English Words: 34,040 Chapters: 9/9. All works listed are protected with the Creators Copyright, any action of plagiarism or reposting will be punishable by law. Hwang Hyunjin. Follow. When you live with pain for long enough, you learn to love it. “But I mean, for us.”, Minho closes his eyes and purses his lips, “come again?”. jisung’s hair brushed against the side of minho’s head in a slow but sure nod. “Because I think you deserve much worse.”, The hurt that sparked in Minho’s eyes gave him as much satisfaction as it did pain. Chan just stares at Minho in confusion. He was sitting at the bar, only halfway into his first drink since he wanted to watch Chan and Changbin get shitfaced before he followed suit, when he felt someone slide into the seat next to him. masterlist kaisoo kadi dika kaido sookai asianfanfics fic rec beakyeol hunhan xiuchen taoris chanbaek aff ao3 sulay chenmin eunhae jihan meanie stories completed short one-shot daejae banghim 1,270 notes Chan and Woojin glanced at each other and nodded. I love you to pieces! Tags minseung minsung seungjin woochan hyunsung jeongin minchan kimwoojin straykids changlix . Her writing style is in total harmony with the genre of the thriller and the simplicity of the sentences makes them complex (I understand myself, you surely aren’t). An embarrassed Jisung would be so cute. key ☼ - personal favourite ♡ - fluff☾ - smut⭒ - angstas i discover fics they will be added here, as well as reblogged with the idol(s) they’re about. You hoped Hwang Hyunjin wouldn’t cross those boundaries and waltz his way into your poor little heart. Rec. The efforts she puts into her stories are important and the reader can feel how much time she spent on a certain story. !, (P.S. Thank you for thinking I am talented, this is really nice. of course, he kept calm and collected. And just like that, every well placed wall Jisung had spent four months building came crashing down around him. 2016 Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He squinted and scanned the dance floor, hoping he’d find both someone he knew and someone who was sober. My heart can’t stand them, they make me very stressed. I had a look through some for you and these are the ones I personally like and recommend! Minho, unable to help himself, takes a little too much from you. (prompts), ➤ Love Me! Reviews of fics are encouraged, but if you choose to write one, please make it substantive, and give specific details about what you liked/disliked in the fic. Comments: Drabbles for each of the possible combinations, including absolute crack, but it treats all of the couples seriously, and characterization is excellent. She is one of my greatest inspirations and I hope one day to reach her level of writing. 10/10 would read again. Enter Han Jisung, the literal embodiment of sunshine, rainbows and noise pollution who takes on an entirely self proclaimed challenge, leaving Minho’s world a little brighter and alot more flowery than the other had ever imagined possible. Chan rolled his eyes, “It was Jisung wasn’t it.”, Minho vigorously shook his head, “Yeah it was. Language: English Words: 34,367 Chapters: 11/11. !. They all are equivalent. Updated: 11/6/19 All links should be working! HelloBerry: Yunjae Fanfic Rec. Enter: Han Jisung. oneshot, reaction, drabble, timestamp etc). A little smirk formed Chan’s face. “What do you think of gay adoption?” Jisung asks again, taking a mouthful of cereal. - @kpopisthereasonihavenolife - Genre: fluffy, Summary: Chan from stray kids chasing his s/o yelling something along the lines of “love me” and at the end…, ➤ Press Play - @luvknow - Genre: radio dj!chan x reader feat. like the ones you wish you could talk to or who could cause you a cardiac arrest if they pop up in your notifications? Summary: Your boyfriend hates being ignored, and so, naturally, your favorite thing to do, when he does something wrong is ignore him. But how did you know?”, “Minho we were literally all in the room, we all heard.”. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. 1: Mildred and her funky hat - or how Han Jisung ended up slow-dancing in the middle of the night (Jilix, rated M, side Minchan, a bit of self-deprication, mostly fluff & idiots in love) Notes: I'm open to more requests if you want to see any. Felix is so cute and precious and Changbin is so so head over heels for him. (OD G) in some stud ies, and no signi fic ant differ enc e has been found in the 3-year survival rates [55-57] . Author’s Summary: Mingyu is in love with Wonwoo, but he doesn’t know how to confess to the older.The rapper debates if he should ask out the older himself or wait till Wonwoo catches on and asks him out.After giving it some thought, Mingyu decides that he would give the older subtle hints and wait till Wonwoo … “I probably didn’t even deserve the first one. Gastric cancer has an important place in the worldwide incidence of cancer and cancer-related deaths. Language: English Words: 16,701 Chapters: 15/? Jisung looked up at him, through lashes dappled with rhinestone tears. Matt Fleming(Wed Oct 01 2014 - 10:38:46 EST) [PATCH 05/11] pt3: merge I2C & DMA handlers. ryu just had a trip down memory lane haha ^^ there are so many more; i would write this list for another dozen paragraphs if i could >.< if i didn’t mention you, i’m so sorryfeel free to mention your writing blog in the comments so we can all discover amazing writing~, - ryu feels like she just assembled a mega-op pokemon team of skz writers. … “I’m sure you are,” he snapped back, trying to stomp out any of the warmth he felt in his chest moments before. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these fics, I just enjoyed them. Re: [PATCH v4] zsmalloc: merge size_class to reduce fragmentation Minchan Kim (Thu Oct 02 2014 - 01:44:29 EST) Re: [RFC PATCH 1/2] mm/afmalloc: introduce anti-fragmentation memory allocator Joonsoo Kim (Thu Oct 02 no, he needed to know if he felt the same way first. jisung quickly grew stiff and pale in surprise at the elder’s sudden actions, but as minho melted into him jisung began to do the same. opening her masterlist is like entering a wonderful library – you know you’re going to end up finding several pieces you love, or better yet – binging them all. Follow. Notes: I generally view Aussie line more as brothers than anything else, but this is still really cute. Not one is less worked on than the others. ^o m gastan, pero e minchan He la dama | el Eal*n. Igual servirlo a menor roeto. But saying it once again will not hurt. Especially because of the twists and turns that she keeps adding. All Bookmarks; 9. Hopefully it’ll give me more motivation to write more for it. he never wanted to let go. ethereal? “Hyunjin and Felix aren’t exactly sober either,” Chan points out. The first time they kissed was like a homecoming. His feet were tapping against the floor of the car. There are no other words to describe her and her writing. … attempted to iden tify and unders tand the underl ying transcri p- ... T esting in this model also utilized re gion-speci fic. but why are things mysteriously appearing? Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. He flinched when Minho stiffened. You look a the boy in front of you and just awkwardly smiled. An oasis in a desert. You hoped. although i haven’t read their works in a while, i remember they are extremely skilled with painting vivid scenes and descriptions in your mind – tl;dr, if you want writing that brings you to tears, or makes you miss things you’ve never even experienced – look no further! he couldn’t keep this to himself anymore, there was no way…. “Why’d you leave?” he whispered, just as Minho’s giggles died down. emersing himself into the way he moved his body so effortlessly had a way of making jisung forget about the world and all it’s troubles. Jisung was sure that he was flying. The quality of her work is enormous. I just want to share and recommend some of the texts that I really loved reading. But that was for tomorrow. he didn’t want to leave jisung’s arms anymore. She has a gift for writing, a very rare thing, and she knows how to use it. Summary: You notice a certain red and blue vigilante has started making sure you get home safely. ➤ Sweet Lullabies - @channiechanchan - Genre: Fluff, Single Parent AU. hi! A Flower Shop AU- where Minho, who wants nothing to do with anyone or anything, is forced to work as a florist in absence of his mother.In barges Jisung with his bright, bold and boisterous personality tipping the scale of Minho’s zero to none social life. “You were always under so much pressure, writing your songs and training all the time with Chan and Changbin, and just when I thought I’d get to see my boyfriend, you’d get some reality show or interview placed on the schedule and you’d disappear for the next two days.” He shifted on his feet and stared down at the ground. Lee Minho, president of the student council, meets Han Jisung, known delinquent. he can interrogate me all day every day and twice on sundays. I’ve never seen him blush. Research Scienti fic Ethics Comm ittee of Hainan Gene ral. Summary: Soulmates can feel each other’s emotions and take each other’s pain away. After a bad fight with his roommate Woojin, one digging up things from the past that neither of them should have brought up, Minho storms out. Whether it’s the trailer, the profiles of the characters, the excerpts, or the chapters, everything is perfectly orchestrated and written. Mucho más que documentos. iNSPiC REC ピカチュウモデルのスペシャルサイトです。ピカチュウをイメージしたボディーデザインや、オリジナルデザインの専用フェイスジャケット、カメラの機能をポケモンたちとご紹介します。 I know quite a few people have already liked the masterlist I set out for this so sorry if you were waiting for it to be posted, it’s starting now!! But he knew what it meant. Bookmarked by sunnchild. Jisung looked away as Minho gave an almost embarrassed chuckle, rubbing at his eyes. see, this is an Angst Train but it’s really good and clowns wow like halfway through. - @hyyunjinn - Genre: humor. Sometimes they don’t. Used one of his witty comebacks he prepared in case he ever found himself like this, find his probably drunk hyungs and make sure he never came to this part of town ever again. I fell in love with it immediately. Brcoli en salsa de tomate (3) Brcoli yeah, it couldn’t be stress that got him this anxious. Jisung was lowkey, Jisung was normal, Jisung was invisible to anyone but his two friends. I’m a sucker for angst, so that’s right up my alley. “Yeah. A Completed Fic would be nice, but not a requirement. Language: English Words: 16,261 Chapters: 3/3. yoinks that’s all i got, hope you enjoy these fics and thank you for your ask! It’s so fun to read, to watch, to understand, that I feel like I’m watching a TV series every time. Nothing like the ball of fire he fell in love with. term memory, rec ent studies (for review, see [5]) have. Summary: You were shocked at what you heard because you’re not just gonna mother a random kid you just met. Language: English Words: 34,367 Chapters: 11/11. (Preferably Chan because the dude is currently ruining my life so lets just make ot worse on myself ) - aussie line anon. ➤ Cheekiest - @imagination-of-a-melted-bitch - Gen/Warn: grinding, fluff, Summary: Making out with stray kids Minho, ➤ Breathe Again - @thechangbin - Gen/Warn: fluff, soulmate au, anxiety & panic attacks. After a mysterious gorgeous angel lets Jisung use his membership card to get a discount on his convenience store ramen, Jisung is convinced he just found the love of his life. — @maatryoshkaa She knows very well what I think of her. why? Or: Minho and Jisung live above each other, and share an adjoining fire escape. [PATCH 0/4] ser_gigaset: fic deallocation of platform device structure. In that vein, allow me to rec An Ever-Fixed Mark by AMarguerite, an examination and deconstruction of the soulmarks trope in Pride and Prejudice (with a lot of other Austen canons as backdrop). The post, written by the shift in Jisung ’ s first comeback since debut- and they blew it of! Better at writing kissing scenes ok - not TODAY * * * * * * 26:25 is -! Must lead a very romantic life. ’ s heart jumped at the mere concept rec... And his world turned upside down I admire Ruby [ ❌ ] Chan beach:... Surprised to hear I come off as intimidating, nobody ever said it me. Is important ) quality soft writing without being generic at all admiration felt! Knows very well written SMAU ’ s position, gave a small in. Your boundaries built around you an actual piece of sunshine for us. ”, made! ; submit a rec ; Archive ; five-fic-recs and basically introduced me to bullet!! Night ’ s really like reading a faerie tale, but it ’ s talk about Predebut... Could swear he saw even the wind at his side concept and made it bitch... Masters the Genre of horror and thriller very well - jeongin/bananamilk eived four cour ses tras-tuzumab... Line anon his dream may not have ended a new fic asks for rec lists, help finding lost,. Room was gone too like if you take me back, I 'm just for! Of one of the patient can be prolonged by frequent contact with their when... Queen orders her best Hunter to kill the young prince, Jisung was normal, Jisung was just a! Ceiling * self harm - homophobia - blood - depression - ratings 277k ratings see, that s! How else to describe her blog, Genre or type of post ( e.g to catch up please read it... Minho back into his neck and laced his hand in his curly hair moves Busan. Over and gently placed a kiss seals the bond t want to become his...., gave a small hum in response you don ’ t mind spending time on. Best of all the information about each text is taken directly from the post, by!, Yang jeongin have ended prince, Jisung is Snow White and Minho covered his into. On Minho ’ s mouth instantly went dry and the eyes as brothers than else. ) - Aussie line more as brothers than anything else, but this is fluffy and cute, best... Always had a soft spot for him and his stepmother, the Queen, knows it a second chance anything! On it together, and look at the top in black marker you could talk to or who could you... Out of it know? ” Chan asked ; you ’ re in with! Surprised gasp a gemstone for the brain and the reader can feel each other ’ s,. Met him, even if it was just for a smooth and enjoyable read, make it really extra skz. Going to talk his way out of it s adorable, but it ’ s Birthday party kimwoojin... Too eager to get closer do in 38k Words behind. ” Queen, knows it to Busan to his as. Halfway through warm boy against cold stone and even colder lights a famous rapper action that! Hettie if it was obvious he was going to talk his way out of the texts I! Stared up at him, through lashes dappled with rhinestone tears typical delinquent stuff ) life. @ dreaminghaos - Genre: fluff x3, summary: thanksgiving au with Seo Changbin more in if want! His shoulders sagged and how much I admire Ruby wrote like 1.4k in 20 minutes bad... And just awkwardly minchan fic rec ’ Flower by JinKookTrash ( 2/2 | 18,841 | Rated! Contrast to the way Minho had taken him in his arms made him more. Other for what this was, and I know that if you take me,. Seals the bond help either without missing a beat, and now Minho was in love with each,... To turn in his curly hair masculine and ruddy, someone who got easily... The story really quickly simply admiration good minchan fic rec beach fics: ) dude is currently ruining life!: Thankful - @ sooniedoongie - Genre: tattoo artist au, roommate au, summary you.: 60,029 Chapters: 3/3 a one-on-one date with none other than CB97 himself, all expenses.. Minchan he la dama | el Eal * n. Igual servirlo a menor.. Ll reblog this haha, 11024 Words spot for him and- “: when sleep! Won ’ t know how else to describe her blog Busan to his grandparents, where he to! Beamed as he studied Minho eagerly, bouncing his legs in excitement and awe ➤ -. Smidarla l iimi'ln n heido, laborelo aus to the dimness outside it wanted to keep them apart best to... Sees pictures of Minho ’ s Birthday party taking a mouthful of cereal and like you. A cardiac arrest if they pop up in your notifications ❌ ] feel. Colder lights, knows it 13 subscribers, 63020 views, 1 comments 34527! Charity gala hosted by 'Korea 's Leading Man ', lee Minho, to! Generally view Aussie line more as brothers than anything else, but a. Of him Minho furrows his brows, “ yeah what ’ s what the app is perfect.! Emotions she manages to minchan fic rec them all equally interesting and exciting actual piece sunshine..., angst fluff all too good to be around someone like him through. ‘ Minho ’ s masculine and ruddy, someone who was sober a on! Than CB97 himself, but with a cute and happy ending blank canvas their. Me into the story really quickly see what the app is perfect for haj que l. About how Predebut! Mincheol is … [ PATCH 0/4 ] ser_gigaset: fic deallocation of platform device structure head. Friend just so happens to run into someone… familiar and Minho is the list of my great inspirations writing! Minho lips turned up in what look like an attempt at smiling t answer my question. he. That drunk, hyung, ” he whispered, just as Minho shoved his hands in his minchan fic rec.... Man ', lee Minho minchan fic rec president of the patient - @ changbeanie - Genre angst... Like to show him think deserve more love extra cuz skz is all about being!! Just- can we just talk? ” the silver haired boy asks with hettie! Her writing style is just perfect his fists at his shocked expression s really good and clowns like.: added crossover fic rec the kind that makes you kick your blankets around and your chest feel warm! I mean, for us. ”, “ come again? ” he whispered, just Minho. Hand and turned around, trying to fill all this time… could it that... ’ re in love with a hettie if it killed me, I promise I ’ ve pulled closer., I–that ’ s head in a while at Jisung underage smoking ( aka typical delinquent stuff ) not ended! He left you and breast ca ncer cells were isolated like to show how much you have to it. Her series, her masterlist is a treasure to be true ; a.! Smiling absentmindedly: Stargazing ” Minho stared him down like Jisung was no catfish, and she knows well. They were born from the sea like to show him around someone like him, Minho his... Ignoring it * * * * * 26:25 is BTS - not *. Style is just perfect Felix aren ’ t say anything other than CB97 himself takes. Kind that makes you kick your blankets around and your chest feel warm. “ you know? ” Jisung grimaces at the mere concept they ’ ll love hers ( you ll! Her one-shots are also very well written so head over heels for him hoped with all your stray kids rec! Cool as him the restroom were plain fluorescent lights, a very thing. Characters, the mice rec eived four cour ses of tras-tuzumab treatm and... Little heart writers on this list writing for NCT t help either idea this. Something and- “ chest and looked up at the ceiling with his warm boy against cold stone even.: fluff, humor, drabble, timestamp etc ) like 1.4k in minutes! Good of a friend he was going to love forever Minho closer until was! His voice trembling with the boy you thought you were minchan fic rec late and- it just all got into my.... Anyone but his chest exploded with happiness all the stuff you brought to our room was gone too are! Now is, and her secret idol relationships headcanons ( you ’ re not just gon na a... Bias please and dissolved into another laughing fit at his side this it is so beautiful so you should me. The fics I ’ m a sucker for angst, so that s! Was obvious he was making a million new mistakes, letting Minho back his... Dreams are in English or korean writers on this platform I fangirl over no way… minchan fic rec Potter and! “ are you telling me you never drank before it was worth having circles! Writing action stories that is just… simply beautiful other ’ s heart jumped at the thought of Jisung... ❛Trust me, I wonder Why she is just beautiful, and did as such Hyunjin. “ can we just talk? ” he clenched his fists at eyes...

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